Columbine High School has a name recognized nationwide for tragic reasons.  We have reason to broadcast something very favorable about Columbine, however.  We enjoy partnering with schools from several districts even though we occupy space in a Littleton Public Schools facility.  Our bond to Columbine began with our grocery delivery program.  When the Whole Foods Market at Southglenn invited us to distribute the groceries their customers so generously donate during the holiday season, we needed volunteers to carry the food to those in need.  Just in time, Columbine High School stepped forward with its boys’ lacrosse teams under the leadership of Coach Matt Plitnick.  At least a few times each year for the past three years, this team of remarkably responsible young men has delivered food to seniors and adults with disabilities.  If you could see them when they show up to accept and carry out their assignments, you’d be very favorably impressed!