One day a social worker came up to me with a story about a woman who, until recently, was one of our meal recipients. The woman has dementia but was living alone and neglecting her health. Eventually she was taken to a hospital, and now she lives in a group home, where she can receive the close supervision she requires. She also participates in a day program for persons with developmental disabilities, one of our partners in delivering meals.

We believe we provide a helping hand to persons who have a hard time finding useful things to do by including them among our volunteers. So HighPointe, Laradon, and To the Rescue, programs that provide daytime activities for adults with disabilities, all participate with our weekday meal delivery program. Sarah Care, an adult day care program, serves meals we prepare but also sends a group of seniors to help deliver meals each week. The Transitions Program of the Littleton Public Schools has found opportunities for its students to assist by preparing groceries for delivery or helping with other tasks on Thursday mornings.

As for the woman whose dementia nearly got the best of her? The social worker had tears in her eyes as she told me, “The only thing that kept this woman from dying before she went to the hospital was the food your program provided and the daily check-up by your volunteers. Today she’s alive and even feisty!”

Where do you like to help others?