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Relocation of TLC Meals on Wheels (MoW) FAQ’s

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Why is TLC MoW moving?

November of 2018, the Littleton Public Schools’ community voted to allows LPS to raise $298 million for capital projects, including: replacing aging schools with new construction, continued repair and upkeep of others, the creation of a Career and Technical Education and Innovation Center, and new furniture in LPS schools. The repurposed Ames Elementary School, where TLC Meals on Wheels is located, was chosen as one of the first schools to be replaced. Construction will begin in 2020.

We would like to thank Littleton Public Schools for supporting TLC Meals on Wheels for the past 9 years. Our partnership provided us the opportunity to grow and provide additional services due to the large amount of space and affordable rent. During our time at Ames Elementary Building we added a grocery program, pet food program, weekend frozen meal service, and were able to increase our number of meals served to the community by 75%; from 73,000 meals per year to 128,000!

Was TLC MoW aware of this possible move?

TLC MoW Board of Directors has been aware that our lease with LPS could be cancelled if the district needed the space again. LPS had hoped to have a space for us during the rebuild but unfortunately, it did not happen. There is a possibility of space for TLC MoW in May of 2022.

Does TLC have the funds to move?

TLC MoW will start a Capital Campaign in Spring 2019 to assist with moving, building tenant finish, and increased costs associated with purchasing or leasing a building (equipment, custodial, parking lot, insurance, etc….).

We are also looking at Go Fund Me Accounts, Matching Donations, and Partnerships with like-minded organizations.

What is the timeline for the move?

TLC MOW must relocate no later than December 20, 2019 when the new construction at Ames Elementary will begin. We are still in the early stage of determining the options and path forward, and also contemplate purchase of our own facility. This is a challenging undertaking, but we have planned for this as a possibility and trust that with the support of our community we will find the best scenario for the longevity of the organization.

What happens if your new space isn’t ready by December 20, 2019?

TLC Meals on Wheels intends to provide continuous service to our clients during this transition period. If necessary, we will find an interim place from which to operate. This could mean that our program looks different temporarily. For example; we may need to send frozen meals only. Our goal is to continue to serve all clients without a break in service throughout this transition.

Where can I find more information about this?

In order to help get word out about our relocation, we are making announcements in various places. Here are some links to some of those sources (please feel free to share these articles):
Our Winter 2019 Spokes Newsletter (First Page Only)
The Littleton Independent

How can I help?

We need your support to ensure this important community service continues. What can you do?

  • Help identify space available for lease or sale
    • About 7000 square feet with lots of parking. We expect to make tenant finishes, but an existing commercial kitchen would be great
  • Help identity a potential partner
  • Recommend a capital campaign manager
  • Recommend a commercial kitchen architect
  • Recommend a construction company
  • Donate generously to our Relocation Capital Campaign
  • Help spread the word!

We trust that with your support we will find the best scenario for the longevity of the organization to ensure that the seniors who rely on us have access to hot, nutritious meals and friendly face at the door from TLC Meals on Wheels.

If you have more questions or would like to help; please contact us at, or donate to our GoFundMe here: