Many who receive our daily meals enjoy the uplift of holiday happenings–not office parties or group celebrations, but visitors to their homes bringing gifts of groceries, pet food, or a wrapped present.

For 12 weekdays in a row, each client receives a wrapped present, so the Ames Building is a hive of busy worker bees decorating over 3,000 packages.

Meanwhile, customers at PetSmart are donating dog and cat food at the Banfield Animal Hospital, where high school students will go to transport the donations to our building.  Volunteers will distribute these to senior pet owners through the winter.

Other volunteers  are hauling tons (literally!) of food from the Whole Foods Market at SouthGlenn, where customers donate dollars to the Grab and Give program.  This provides the foundation of our grocery delivery program all year long.

It’s a happy time when we see so much giving going on!